About Esoteric Mineral Solutions

Welcome to Esoteric Mineral Solutions (EMS), where we revolutionize the pearl pigment industry in India. With Jharkhand's exceptional quality mica and our groundbreaking technology, we bridge the gap between raw material export and finished product import.

For years, India's mica, primarily from Jharkhand, has been exported worldwide, only to be imported back as pearl pigments. As a family in the mica business, we witnessed this paradox firsthand. Determined to change the status quo, we invested three years in developing cutting-edge technology to produce superior pearl pigments locally.

Pearl pigments are specialized colorants that impart a lustrous, pearlescent effect to various products, from cosmetics to automotive paints. At EMS, we harness Jharkhand's unparalleled mica quality and combine it with our innovative manufacturing processes to create captivating, multi-dimensional pigments.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality pearl pigments, crafted with precision using locally sourced mica. By doing so, we meet the growing domestic demand and contribute to India's economic growth and sustainability.

Join us at EMS as we reshape the pearl pigment industry in India, delivering unmatched beauty and quality through the perfect fusion of Jharkhand's exceptional mica and our groundbreaking technology.

Our principles




a large metal tube on a machine in a factory
a large metal tube on a machine in a factory

We constantly strive to innovate and push the boundaries of pearl pigment technology, bringing unique colors and advanced properties to the industry.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality pearl pigment, ensuring consistency and excellence in every batch we produce.

Our research and development team has developed a cost-effective manufacturing process, allowing us to offer pearl pigment at an ultra low cost without compromising on quality.