Advantages of different Metal Oxides

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2/16/20242 min read

Mica and Titanium Dioxide

Mica and Iron Oxide

When Iron Oxide ( Fe2O3 ) is coated upon Natural Mica. It Imparts red, brown, and yellow hues. Iron Oxide increases lightfastness and thermal stability. It is used for natural rust tones and in earthy pigments.

The coating of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) upon Natural Mica enhances whiteness, brightness, and opacity. It also provides excellent UV resistance and durability. Titanium dioxide is used in a wide range of white pigments and as a base for mixing with other colorants.

Mica and Copper Oxide

Copper Oxide when coated upon Natural Mica provides green to black hues, enhances lightfastness, and offers antimicrobial properties. It is useful in providing copper green hue and for modifying the color strength of other green pigments.

Mica , Iron Oxide and Chromium Oxide

Depositing Iron oxide and Chromium Oxide on Natural Mica provides diverse color range that can produce a wide range of colors, including greens, reds, and browns. Iron and Chromium Oxides are known for their durability and resistance to weather, enhancing the longevity of the pigments. Chromium oxide provides excellent corrosion resistance, beneficial for coatings in harsh environments.

Layering Cobalt oxide upon Natural Mica can produce deep blue colors, which, when combined with iron oxide, can create a range of blue to green shades. Cobalt oxides maintain their color and stability at high temperatures, making these pigments suitable for high-temperature environment. The presence of cobalt can introduce magnetic properties to the pigments, which might be exploited in specialized applications requiring magnetic responsiveness.

Mica , Iron Oxide and Cobalt Oxide

Coating titanium dioxide (TiO2) and cobalt oxide on mica would result in a versatile range of colors. The TiO2 coating would enhance whiteness, on the other hand, the cobalt oxide coating would impart deep blue hues creating a wide range of blue tones . Cobalt oxide provides electrical insulation and chemical stability and Titanium Dioxide provides UV resistance and adds to durability of the pigment, making the pigment very viable for automobile paint.

Mica , Titanium Dioxide and Cobalt Oxide